Classmate Comments - Post 40th Reunion 2007

Betty Westmoreland

Post 40th See Cary Fowler's story in the Commercial Appeal of 3/23/08 at: http://www.commercialappeal.com/news/2008/mar/23/seed-man-quota Catch Cary on CBS' "60 Minutes" tonight (3/23) as he explains crop diversity and how important it is to each of us. Nice work, Cary! And all other alumni of WSHS! Betty

Betty Westmoreland
40th Atta boy, Cary Fowler! Is this guy good or what? A person who can pack the house to speak about grain diversity is good! You just know he's good! The Pink Palace hosted our amazing Cary on March 10, 2008, beginning with a reception in the foyer. Following that, Cary spoke to an enthusiastic audience of family, friends, and others who see a need to try to save this, our only, planet! His PowerPoint presentation mixed humor with hard facts, and the pictures in and around the vault in the permafrost of Svalbard, Norway, were magnificent! If a vault can be beautiful, that one is! Norwegians focus on artistic qualities in their structures more than any of us realize, and they've done some pretty amazing things with the outside of the vault. Inside, the work continues, as millions of grain varieties are preserved and ready to be used when needed. Special thanks go out to Cary Fowler and the staff in Norway and around the world. Read more about his work at www.croptrust.org

Harold French

Post 40th Just saw the photos from your 2007 reunion. The Class of '67 is special to me because my sister, Peggy French Berry was in that class. I now live in Chattanooga and go to church with another '67...Marcia McDonald Swearingen. Oh, buy the way, I was Class of '75. "We're the best, that's no jive, we're the Class of '75! Enjoyed seeing the photos. Ya'll had a special class. Harold French

Betty Westmoreland

Post 40th Still MORE congratulations to the amazing WSHS Class of '67! I opened my Commercial Appeal this morning (02/25/2008) and there's your classmate, CARY FOWLER, over there in Norway, working hard to save the diversity of planet Earth! Life-sustaining agriculture in a vault in the permafrost--who knew? If you have beans-n-taters on the table after the nasty effects of global warming...thank Cary! You are an amazing group, and Cary is yet another example of just HOW amazing you are! Keep up the good work! Once again, may I say how much I enjoyed the reunion activities at Golf & Games. You've provided the template for the WSHS Class of '68, as they plan for their 40th this year! Nice work, everybody! My best to each of you! Betty

Becky Gossett Melton
Post 40th Anne, a very deserving thanks goes out to you and your committee. It was my first reunion in 40 years, but hope it will not be my last. It was great to see everyone and visit with so many. A special thanks goes out to Shay, for the wonderful job in creating and updating our website. Thanks again, Becky

Gus Bauman
Post 40th To the organizers--thank you. I had never attended a high school reunion before our 40th, but I'm grateful I caught this one. No cliques or groups or factions, just a class with a lot in common---White Station and Memphis in 1967.

Betty Westmoreland
Post 40th I neglected to add this to my earlier comment. . . "Class dismissed! See you all right back here when the bell rings in five years! The 'smoking tree' is long gone and smoking is not allowed anywhere on campus anymore, so you have NO excuses for being late!" Best wishes to the wonderful WSHS Class of '67!

Susan Adler Thorp
Post 40th Anne -- Must admit I had a lot of reservations about coming, but sure am glad I did! The reunion was truly enjoyable and such fun seeing so many classmates again -- those I spent years and years talking to in high school and even those I didn't. Everyone seems to have weathered the years so well. Anne, you and Brenda and Shay did a fantastic job. Many thanks. It's funny how so many things change over the years, yet some things remain the same. Todd Clark still has the best damn smile! Susie

Carole Rodgers Hanna
Post 40th Anne, Brenda, Shay, & everybody else who helped to make the reunion a success - it was GREAT! I enjoyed seeing everybody so much, even the few I really couldn't quite remember, & was surprised by how many remembered ME! I was happy when so many more people showed up than the original first few who registered. Nobody can top why the people who didn't show "FAULKED UP," but thanks Dick for an amusing Top 10. Also thanks to Lain Whitaker & John Ryder for the impromptu party at their home after Pete & Sam's. It was wonderful to see Larose Todd & visit some more with our classmates. We were, are & continue to be a great bunch. I would love to see people again in December & I also hope we can do another reunion in five years instead of ten. Guy, you have to hang around - don't go croaking on us before then(!)

Dick Faulk
Post 40th What a Spartan effort by Anne, Brenda, and Shay For those who opted not to attend I wanted to share the following 10 reasons why you FAULKED UP: 10. Casual venue was ideal and weather was perfect 9. Dr. Ronnie English (veterinarian) handedly defeated Dr. Maury Pasternack (pulmonary specialist) in the Milton Bradley game of "Operation". Seems as if Maury confused the location of the spleen and liver. Maury should have used his Cliff's Notes like the rest of us. 8.Mike Finnern and Susan Avery arrive retro. Susan was clad in her Homecoming Queen suit outfit accompanied by a dozen roses and Mike was decked out in his home green #52 football jersey complete with horse collar. Ken and Barbie lives on. 7.Every half hour Pat Brown and Ben Jones would circle the pavilion chanting "We are proud of you hey we are proud of you hey hey" ........................... We....... 6.Guy Miller repeated his HS feat of completing 150 sit ups. Now help me understand only 20 sit ups were required for an A. Guy what in the world were you thunkin 5.Buddy Niven arrived in his 1965 black GTO stocked with a 389 Cu In 4 barrel V8 with a 4 speed Hurst shifter, mag wheels, red line tires, wood grain steering wheel and modified with Boeing 727 landing lights. Though it seemed like such a grand entrance he expected everyone to give him a $1 for gas money, What a guy. Glad to see he never changed. 4.Dan Conaway was found by the next morning at 2 AM by Park Security. He was curled up in the fetal position clutching Sandy Buhler's photo from the yearbook. According to reports Dan kept uttering over and over in a sobbing voice Ag=Silver C=Carbon Fe=Iron and Co=Cobalt. Poor Dan life is so brutal, he will never be the same. 3. Bill Nowlin canceled his Big Game Safari Hunt to Africa only to arrive at the reunion hunting both attached and unattached females. For protection purposes we are providing the following Rejection Hotline number 901-248-9901. Pls. use for the safety of others and the rejection of Bill. 2. Ramelle Belluscio was recruited specifically for the sole purpose of maintaining and controlling the behavior of Cooper, Nowlin, and Myself. WELL that was a Faulk Up for she wound up being the main instigator of much of the abnormal behavior. Any complaints should be forwarded directly to Mell at: whoa.mellie@aol.net PS If anyone is looking for a HS ring from the 1976 class of Wells Station HS.........then Mell has one. AND THE NUMBER 1 REASON THAT YOIU FAULKED UP IN NOT ATTENDING 1. Lynda Stigall WOW Lynda Stigall WOW Lynda gets the coveted 10 pencil floor drop award. Congrats Lynda you look great IF YOUR NAME WAS NOT MENTIONED THEN THAT JUST MEANS THAT I LIKE YOU

Burt Ginsburg
Post 40th Muchos gracias to Anne, Brenda, Shay and everyone who planned and orchestrated a fabulous reunion. Deborah and I had a blast. She was overwhelmed with the friendliness of all and felt as if she had gone to WSHS herself. It was great seeing everyone and we look forward to the next get together. Burt

Wanda McCulley
Post 40th Hi It looks like you guys had a great time. I hated to miss it, but I am so glad that I did not change my plans in order to attend. As it turned out, my cousin had a turn for the worse and passed away last night. I was so fortunate to visit her, have her aware that I was there and spend time with her in her final days. I will certainly try to make the 45th, though. There are very few people that I remember from HS, but it will be fun to see everyone again. take care Wanda

Judy Broemmelsick Oakes

Post 40th Anne, The reunion was so fun.--- Thank you --to Brenda and you for all the hard work. It was great to see all our friends and see how we still can smile and be over 55+ Still a great bunch of classmates. Thanks for doing this:) Judy Broemmelsick Oakes

Sheryl King
Post 40th Anne, Thanks again for your work on the reunion. I hope you were able to relax and enjoy it. Although I could not get to Memphis, I have still benefited from you tracking me down and from Shay's website work because I have been able to reconnect with a few dear friends. I hope to see you at the next '67 event. Best wishes, Sheryl

Todd Clark
Post 40th Hi Anne, I had a wonderful time on the 13th! It was a hoot to see so many friends and classmates from our days at White Station. I think that Charles Prescott summed it up perfectly when he said, "We had a great bunch kids those years. Even though we each had our own circle of friends, there was a sense of acceptance of pretty much everyone in our class. We weren't fractured into rigid cliques." Thanks once again for your tireless efforts on behalf of the Class of '67! You and your committee have earned many kudos! I look forward to the next reunion... Best wishes, Todd

Lillian Aivazian Eades
Post 40th Thank you, Anne and helpers who all made this reunion so special. Everyone was warm, happy, friendly, and it was delightful to see so many join the fun. Thanks for the use of name tags 'cause we sure benefited from having them!

Want to Share
Post 40th I had such a good time talking to people, the next day I felt sad that they were gone again. I do hope we start including all who are interested in a December holiday meal at a restaurant. The older we get, the more I think I enjoy seeing the old gang.

Carole Carter Ferrell
Post 40th Thanks again to Anne and all who worked on the reunion. It was a very special night to see everyone and realize the bond we all still have. I am looking forward to keeping in touch via the website. Hopefully, we'll have an even better turnout for the next! Love you all! Carole

Phillis Bilsky Wolk
Post 40th Hi Anne Just wanted to take a minute to thank you again for all of your hard work. I had a great time at the reunion--just fun to see everyone and find out where life has taken them. Too bad so many others missed this opportunity! I will check in with you from time to time to see how everything is going. Thanks again for a wonderful reunion. Phillis Wolk

Ronnie Cooper
Post 40th Anne, we had a great time and appreciated all your hard work. Mrs. Mills would have given you an A. Take care. RC

Bart Baker
Post 40th Thanks to Anne, Shay et al. for putting on a terrific reunion. And, the weather could not have been better, too! To me, it was like a "bungie jump" - bouncing back in time and hanging in suspension seeing old (don't take it too personally, now) acquaintances and friends. And now, I feel as if I have "sprung" back into my "current world". What a great experience. Best wishes to all until the next reunion! Did someone say in 5 years?

Harry Johnson
Post 40th All: I just want to thank you for your substantial efforts in organizing such a fun event. I had a great time and so did everyone else I talked with. I was not sure what I was going to do to fill up 6 hours, but the time flew by. I know it was pretty much a thankless job, but for what it is worth here are my thanks for a job very well done. Harry Harry A. Johnson III EVP and General Counsel First Horizon National Corporation

Becky Cole Stanley
Post 40th Anne, It was so good seeing you Friday night at Pete & Sam's I have heard that Saturday night was a lot of fun and that there were a lot of people there. You worked so hard on the reunion and I appreciate all of your work on getting people reacquainted. It is amazing how good everybody looks----I donít think any of us look like we are almost 60 years old!! Hope you come back to Memphis for the lunch at Christmas. Thanks again for everything. Becky

Dick Faulk
Post 40th Anne thought everyone would like one last parting shot. DICK 
Subject:  50 Years in Three Minutes
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Guy Miller
Post 40th Dear Anne: Thanks for all the hard work you put in making the reunion so wonderful! It was great seeing all my "young" friends for a little while. I'm looking forward to attending our 50th (if I'm not on the memoriam list). Thanks, guy

Dan O'Connor
Post 40th Anne, thanks to you and all the committee members for the hard work and much dedication in putting together another great affair. I especially appreciated the low key approach and thought it was a perfect opportunity to touch base with so many people going in so many different directions with their lives. I only wish, as you, that more of our schoolmates had committed to attend. I hope you will keep in touch. Thanks again for stirring the pot again after so many years. Best to everyone, Dan

Dale Engelberg

Post 40th FUN! FUN! FUN! Thanks to Anne, Brenda, and Shay for making it happen and to all who attended for making it an outstanding event.

Betty Westmoreland

Post 40th Dear Students: Your attendance was excellent, you had all done your homework, and everyone gets an A+ for outstanding accomplishments over the last 40 years!

Thanks for the pleasure of your company at the reunion gathering at Golf & Games! You all had such lovely things to say, and I appreciate it! Everybody looked great! Keep in touch and let me know about the next reunion. I hear that since the clock is ticking for all of us, you're considering having the next one at five years, not ten. Smart idea!

My best to each of you and thanks again!