Classmate Comments - Post 45th Reunion 2012

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Date: 07/09/2017


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Carole Carter Foster
e-mail: cdcferrell@hotmail.com
Date: 11/19/2012

Comments  Many thanks to Anne and all who brought us together again. Each night and venue was special. Maybe if we keep spreading the word about how much fun we are and how great we all look, we'll have an even better turnout next time, although this was a great success!!

Harry Johnson
e-mail: johnsoniii@comcast.net
Date: 11/07/2012

Comments  Anne, Thanks to you and your team for great organization and follow through. Once again I had a wonderful time visiting with old friends!

Betty Westmoreland
e-mail: bwestmoreland9@msn.com
Date: 11/06/2012

Comments  The WSHS class of '67 is truly amazing in so many ways! Mrs. Edna (Hatcher) Bennett had a wonderful time renewing friendships with her biology students. I feel honored to have brought her to the reunion ice-breaker. She's a dandy. Personally, I was reminded of those dreadful white one-piece uniforms for girls' P. E. classes! Egad! Weren't they awful? You all are such wonderful friends with each other and with us teachers. We love you all and we thank you for including us in your weekend! Pete & Sam's brings back some great memories for everyone! Good thinkin', organizers! I can't say enough about Shay Perry Shaw and Anne Chapman for serving as driving forces to keep the class informed and in touch! The entire reunion team did just an outstanding job!

Robin Cross
e-mail: rhcross@swbell.net
Date: 11/06/2012

Comments  This was the first reunion I attended in many years. I finally felt good enough about myself to attend. It was great seeing and talking to you. It is a little hard to keep up from Kansas City. If you come visit, I can show you the best BBQ places in KC. It's totally different kind of BBQ. You are the best! AND GREAT thanks to Anne C for setting all this up. I wish all the best!! Robin Cross

Patti Thomas Ford
e-mail: wford32065@bellsouth.net
Date: 11/02/2012

Comments   What a great experience the 45th reunion turned out to be for me. I was surprised that so many attended and so happy to see people I haven't seen since graduation. Our classmates have made some incredible journeys and accomplishments. This goes into the "fond memories" category in my already full brain! Patti Thomas Ford

Janet Hay Lyons
e-mail: jhaylyons@aol.com
Date: 11/01/2012

Comments   First - thank you to all who worked on this reunion and especially to Anne for keeping us connected year round. Last weekend was a blast! Al and I had a great time and really, really enjoyed seeing close friends from the past and making new friends among former classmates! Unfortunately, there wasn't enough time to talk to everyone - there were people whose names were on the list to attend, but I missed seeing them in the crowd. Five years is too long a time to wait for another chance! Please encourage anyone and everyone who was ever in our White Station class to attend the next reunion. Even though they might have changed schools, they are still part of our memories. For those who were unable or chose not to attend, please realize there are those of us who would love to see you...jan

Barbara Ball Flanagan
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Date: 11/01/2012


Anne Chapman
e-mail: achapman005@comcast.net

Comments  Thank you for your support, friendship and love...Seems that everyone had a wonderful time. I have always said that I prefer planning a party for 100 people. Works for me! Please take care and hope to see you all in 5 years. One of our Classmates recommended a 2.5 year reunion. What do you think?  Hmmmm....