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Dedicated to our WSHS Classmates of 1967 who are no longer with us

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In Memory Of

Turner Ayers   

Calvin E. Baker, Jr.

Robert Jay 'Bobby' Barbour 

William Howard Barnes

Betty Brommer Snook  

Rachael Calhoun  


Ruth Carey Jones

Patsy Cocks Brinkley 

 Ann Dalton Johnson  


Deborah Dawson Dorman 

 Robert Michael Driver

Charles E. 'Chuck' Fant, III

     Linda Farnham Fuller     

Shelly Faye Hunter

Judy Freudberg

Dana Frey

Becky Gossett Melton

Lewis Michael Gullett


 Sandra Gully Lowrance

Polly Hunt Daniels    

Whit Kellogg 

Aubry Wayne King

Gene Carrington McKinney   

"Sally" Metcalf Border

Elton Parks     

Barbara Patterson Simmons

Franklin Duke Poindexter 

Larry S. Price

John Donelson Martin Saunders  

  Dr Karen "Cande" Steckol

Camilla Queener

Louis Elliott Sachs 

Theodore Carroll 'Ted' Smith, III 
Glen Steinkamp    

Brenda Wilborn Hall

Annie Wilburn-Harris

Robert Harry Williams

Charles Woodson


       "To live in hearts we leave behind, 
Is not to die." 

--Thomas Campbell

Share your comments for our departed classmates. Email and we will post them   

William Howard Barnes 

I have to share a memory of Howard.  Back in 10th grade, we had a carpool to WSHS in which "Howie" was a member.  My Mom drove our second car which was a black & pink 1953 stick shift Plymouth which we affectionately named "The Pink Panther."  If you remember, Howie was a big teddy bear of a guy & that year was on crutches for a leg injury.  I remember one morning while attempting to board The Panther, Howie's crutches got caught in the interior roof liner & ripped a hole in it.  We finally got rid of The Panther, but not without Howie's funny memory!
-Lynn Ledbetter Demi, Florence , K
Y, 2007

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Anne Schwartz Crooker  Judy Freudberg  Sadly, we lost another Spartan today. Judy Freudberg died in New York City after a courageous battle with cancer. She will be remembered by all of us as the cute, tiny, talented one who was in plays and a favorite of Dr. Crain. The world will remember her by the words of Elmo, The Count, Big Bird, and Fievel from The Great American Tail. Good bye my dear friend.

Anne Chapman - I know that some of you are still very close to Judy and we are so sorry for your personal loss.  Our love, thoughts and prayers go out to Judy’s family, friends and colleagues.  Judy was certainly very talented and definitely has left a beautiful legacy for millions of children and adults.

June 2012  Judy Freudberg

This is really sad news. I never hear of Ann Frank that I don’t think of Judy’s portrayal – I and think we might have been all of 16 – but she was perfect in my mind!

Then, I always looked for her name in the credits when my kids watched Sesame Street more than 30 years ago. Now my grandchildren love her through Elmo – though they don’t have the memories of the little pixie-like friend with whom I sat and whispered through many WSHS classes. But I bet they would have thought she was a fun person to know, as did I.

She cast a beautiful light on the world –  My sympathy to her friends and family,

Dona Baker Mullaney

June 12, 2012   Judy Freudberg

I got to know Judy from both White Station and Temple Israel. Her wonderful work over the decades with Sesame Street and the Muppets, including her delightful screenplay for the touching “children’s” movie “Follow that Bird,” will live always with each new generation of children touched by those timeless shows. She leaves a beautiful testament.

Gus B Bauman

June 11, 2012   Judy Freudberg

So very sorry to hear about Judy. I did not know her well, but we did have a couple of classes together at WSHS. During one of those classes, she told me that my home at the time was once where they lived when she was little. An amazing coincidence. When I learned of her accomplishments with Sesame Street and those children’s movies, I truly admired her talent and vision.  My prayers are with her family and friends. 

 Paula Dart Gates

June, 2012

Judy Freudberg   "Any man's (or woman's) death diminishes me." I think your class must be having those thoughts yet again. I shall unofficially represent your teachers from back in the day to express our thanks for Judy's special gifts and our sorrow at her loss.

Betty Westmoreland, teacher WSHS 1964-71

June, 2012

Judy Freudberg  Judy, exactly the way I remember you at graduation from White Station, 1967 ...a little pixie with that infectious smile!! Thank you for all of the wonderful memories. Through your amazing talent, you brought so much joy to both children and adults, from all over the globe. You made our world a happier place! Rest in Peace, sweet soul, you are loved by so many.

 Millie Webster

June, 2012

I am very saddened to hear about Judy. Our children have been enriched and entertained throughout the years watching Sesame Street, American Tail; our grandchildren, and our great grandchildren will also be so fortunate that Judy has shared her talents and creativity with present and future generations! What a marvelous legacy to leave for both children and adults! May she have peace and tranquility. Lee, you are in Ron's and my thoughts and prayers. If anyone might be able to send this to Lee Freudberg I would really appreciate it.

Lillian A. Eades







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